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Gibson’s Customer Charter

Courtesy and respect

  • We will be courteous and friendly when we speak to you
  • We will listen
  • We will say sorry when things go wrong
  • We will treat you with respect and not patronise you
  • We will address you formally unless you ask us not to
  • We will not enter your home uninvited (except in an emergency, where we will follow our published rules)
  • We will speak clearly and give you our name when answering the telephone
  • We will take responsibility for dealing with your query or for passing it onto another named individual who can help you
  • We will open and to the point when dealing with your query
  • If we cannot do what you want we will tell you why
  • We will be appropriately dressed


  • We will treat you fairly
  • We will treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves
  • We will give the same high standard of service wherever you live

Equal Opportunities

  • We will treat all residents equally
  • We will provide an interpretation and translation service for residents and customers who do not speak English
  • We will aim to communicate with you in a way that takes account of any physical or sensory impairment that you may have
  • We will promote dignity and well-being

A Quality Service

  • When things go wrong we will do our best to put them right as quickly as possible
  • We will seek your views on the key services we deliver
  • We will listen to what you have to say and take your views into account when making decisions
  • We will keep you informed
  • We will review our standards regularly to make sure they meet your needs

Working with residents in occupation in both general needs and supported accommodation.

We will:

  1. Give clear, accurate information that is easy to understand;
  2. Be polite and helpful;
  3. Treat the home with respect and clean up after every repair;
  4. Make sure we leave the home as clean as we found it;
  5. Check if there is a vulnerable person alone in the house (someone who is elderly, has medical problems or has a disability)and if there is, make sure they are happy for us to do the work;
  6. Wear identity cards and show them if the resident asks us to;
  7. Carry language cards in case the resident needs us to translate information;
  8. Provide translation and interpretation services if English is not the first language;
  9. Use dust sheets and coverings to protect carpets, furniture and other belongings;
  10. Not move furniture or belongings;
  11. Remove all rubbish from the home when we have finished the work
  12. Ask for a signature to confirm that we have finished the repair


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